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The best friend anyone could ask for. Truely awesome in every way. Knows when your feeling down, upset, happy, hurt or just want to talk. A Leigh will be there for you no matter what time it is or how far away she is from you. A Leigh is also someone who will make you laugh so hard your tummy will ache for days...

***But be warned.... a little wee may escape!!***
oh you must have had a Leigh
de Shelstar 24 juin 2010
A Leigh is someone who is one of the sweetest, prettiest, most amazing girls you will ever meet. She is usually very shy but once you get to know her, she can be one of the nicests people you will ever meet and would make a great best friend. A Leigh is usually someone who loves art and drawings. A Leigh will have your back no matter what and will never talk bad about you behind your back, unless you do something mean to her. A Leigh is a very good best friend and will make an amazing girlfriend to any boy who is lucky enough to have her. A "Brandon" is someone who she is very compatible with.

A Leigh is also somebody who is very girly, loves watching movies such as "Titanic", and loves going out shopping with friends but will only spend so much because she is very responsible.
"You see that girl over there?"
"Her name is Leigh. She is one of my best friends."
"She is one of the sweetest girls you will ever meet. Wanna go meet her?"

"Mom and dad, what do you think of Leigh, my girlfriend?"
Dad - "Your mother and I think she is very sweet."
Mom- "She seems like such a sweet girl. We hope that you won't mess this relationship up!"

"I won't. I promise."
de littlechatterbugDOTcom 29 décembre 2011
A smart and intelligent man who's personality can mesmerize any woman who comes into contact with him.

He has the ability to become anything that he drives to be and will achieve any and all goals on his list.
Leigh's usually have gleaming eyes and perfect smiles and toned bodies. They love honesty and can pretty much tell whenever a person is lying but would respect the truth so don't lie to them.

A Leigh usually has a hard time trusting woman because of past experiences but will soon come to realize that their past was just a fluke and their future has much to offer them. They can charm your pants off and definatly become your anything and everything if you give them the chance.
Don't be fooled though. Many leigh's tend to be a heart breaker so take things slow with them and show them that you are worth it.

They may be a long and difficult chase, but continue the race and if you are worthy you might just win first place with a leigh as your prize.
Girl: "There's this guy that i met the other day."

Friend: "Was he hot?"

Girl: "To die for!"

Friend: "He was a Leigh."
de ashley party girl 15 janvier 2013
Leigh is one of the lost and unrecorded wives of the Greek god Zeus. June 15th, 1989 an archeologist near Sparta Greece, unearthed some pottery with the descriptions of 3 new daughters of Zeus he secretly had with a Spartan woman. This mystery woman lost her husband at the famous Battle of Thermopylae having been a legendary 300. It's the greatest amount of children Zeus ever had with a mortal woman. The love between them ran deeper than any relationship a Greek god has ever had.
Sir Charles Scott made the discovery and named the mystery woman after combining his late wife with the name of his late daughter's who were both tragically killed together in a car crash on their way to the airport to see him. He began using the mystery woman's name as a way to describe the "true love" he had with his wife, and the "passionate" eternal love Zeus shared also. On his death bed, Oct. 20th, 2008, Charles described the passion all 3 of these women had in common. He concluded saying, "there is a divine LEIGH in every woman, and a true LEIGH is and only will be the kind of woman who can ever change the heart of a man, even a god."

1n. A woman who generates an emotional response to a man which causes him to lose focus and the ability to speak.

2n. the single word to describe love-at-first-site with a woman.

3n. a modern female dancer who performs to any classical dance - Ball Room, Rumba, Tango, or Charleston; A woman of divine elegance or godlike.
1. Stephen was utterly smitten by the mysterious leigh behind the counter. Finally catching himself wondering how long he was dreaming.

2. Scott quickly leaned to his friend and whispered in his ear, asking if he knew the elegant leigh standing next to the sofa.

3. Hey check out that group of leigh's over there dancing.
de spartan84604 27 mars 2010
The prettiest girl in school! Wanted by all the boys. Because of her outgoing, strong, flirty personality. She flirts without knowing it and always finds her way back to the same guy, because she believes he can change.
She's so hot, her name is Leigh!
de Teenage girl88 15 juillet 2016
A small town in Northeast Nebraska with a population between 400-500.
Not known for much besides having donut holes illegal, which is no longer a law.... According to town history, it was named after the first postmistress and there was a gypsy shot in the old barbershop.
The high school in Leigh is known for awesome music, speech and FFA programs!
Leigh - a small town where some people take too much pride in being from it.
de pravange 3 décembre 2010
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