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Someone who gets off on conformity.
Inventory thinker: "Because my co-worker slept with her boss to earn a pay raise, I should do the same"

Inventory thinker: "My tie isn't corporate looking enough."

Inventory thinker: "Because lady Gaga says it's cool to be born this way, I'll act like it's cool"
#conformist #loser #underdog #mimic #emulate
de Adnama Latniuq 3 décembre 2013
A inventory thinker is a person who gathers and stores a collective of unoriginal ideas, words, and/or expressions, while being unable to think upon the originality of those concepts on their own. A inventory thinker thrives off of self-gratification and popularity as a means of collecting from their environment. A inventory thinker loves to throws around recycled phrases, information, or insults for whatever gain they experience from doing so. A inventory thinker thinks of themselves as witty and clever, while demonstrating the complete opposite. Behaviorally, They are most likely to bandwagon things that they don't put much research or thought into. They are considerately ignorant. They would most likely scour Urban Dictionary attempting to collect existing ideas for themselves. They are also found vastly among the religious.
Inventory thinker: "Hey guys, we should all donate to Kony 2012!"
Response: "Why should we do that?"
Inventory thinker: "Because it's supporting a cause, we get freebies and shit"
Inventory thinker: "You're a stupid mouth-breather"
Response: "That's supposed to be an insult? Aren't scuba divers technically mouth-breathers?"
Inventory thinker: "God is going to punish you because you drink beer, and the Bible says so"
Response: "Good to know...say, where's the nearest bar around here?"
#bandwagon #copy cat #idiot #obnoxious #fool #poseur #ignoramus
de Adnama Latniuq 3 décembre 2013
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