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An organization know as the I'm Fucked Foundation.
Ronnie Magro is currently president, CEO, and founder of this establishment by stuffing his face in a cocktail waitress' tits and then making out with two other chicks.
I joined the IFF today by fucking my best friend's sister.
de icedemon25 3 septembre 2010
107 32
I'm Fucked Foundation
Ronnie is president of the IFF
de JereseyShoreBiotch 6 août 2010
912 99
i'm fucked foundation- I.F.F

...derived from the G.F.F, Grenade Free Foundation
"Ronny is officially part of the IFF" -The situation
de lovelybuttons45 6 août 2010
225 57
This is the IM FUCKED FOUNDATION. you join this club when nothing goes your way or you feel as though the world is ganging up on you
i just told my girlfriend i cheated on her, i just became apart of the IFF.
de ARAE1989 7 août 2010
242 107
Stands for: I'm Fucked Foundation

A phrase used by Pauly D from the "Jersey Shore Season 2" in regards to Ronnie who hooked up with grenades and proceeded to sleep in Sammie's bed.
Shit man, I'm in the I.F.F. I just cheated on my girlfriend.
de naomis 6 août 2010
65 25

I'm Fucked Foundation Used on Jersey Shore
Yetta: Oh man last night ugh, I.F.F.
Sheffield: Oh okay...... Whore.
de Killlerkitten 6 août 2010
46 11
in Mathematics and Physics IFF stands for " if and only if ".
For P(x), IFF P(a)=0, then (x-a) is a factor of P(x).
de arysmart 19 mai 2013
22 2