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Bullshit moment in a fighting game. Similar to "That was gay!".
P1: What the hell!, you punched the air in front of me and i still got hit!
P2: That's homogenius material.
de MaruchanSoup 26 février 2011
25 9
A rare species of humans that belong to the Homo genus. Homogeniuses are far more intelligent, superior, and good looking then their cousins, the homo sapiens. It is said that there are only a few hundred homogeniuses left in the world. Homogeniuses usually keep to themselves and blend in with the homo sapiens around them, only revealing their true selves to fellow homogeniuses.
Albert Einstein, Abraham Lincoln, and Alexander the Great were all secretly homogeniuses.

Brian: Hey Hans what'd you get on your algebra quiz?
Hans: A+ what else?
Brian: Damn, you must be a homogenius!
Hans: Haha nah, I wish!
de Bleng 6 décembre 2011
19 4
one who is a homo and is a genius
de anonymous 19 décembre 2002
21 18
a person that know everything about gayness
Mike:a fuck you man Sean:shut up you homogenius
de D'Marco 31 août 2008
9 9
queer dating, personals and matchmaking site
I met my boyfriend through Homogenius; Homogenius introduced us.
de QueerGuyForTheStraightEye 21 novembre 2008
2 7
genius at being gay
"he's a homogenius",he said
de emily nonyabis 17 mars 2004
10 17