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A Coffee drinking, novel reading, wayfarer wearing, oxford obsessing girl/guy who often will pretend to know everything about anything in pop culture spanning from the 1920's to now. Subsequently, they will pretend also not to like everything and anything in pop culture from the 1920's to now. May be seen wearing over sized or undersized, (but never the right sized)t shirt, which will undoubtedly be advertising some sort of movie that know one knows of and or band that know one knows of/likes. Most of them will say they 'get' where the wild things are and shun you for not thinking Spike Jonze is God. If you do not watch the Oscars they hate you. If you do watch the oscars they hate you. Pretty much: Every single one of the extras from Cleo from 5-7.
Hipster (2011) See "I bet you've never even heard of (A hipsters anthem)" video on youtube par example.

Also see "Where the dirty hipsters are video" on youtube.

Typical conversation would go as follows:

Between two Hipsters:
"Loved Cries and Whispers."

"Yeah, Bergman is a genius. The criterion collection really gives me chills. What are you drinking?"

"Yeah, Genius. A latte, no milk please."

"Alright, Ill get mine black."

Between a Hipster and a non-hipster:

"Loved Cries and Whispers."

"What's that?"

"Are...ARE SURIOUS! Woooowwww, wow, what? What? WHAT?" *Hyperventilates.
de Loveallthetime 6 avril 2011
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