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southern United States dialaectal blend of giant and enournmous
"Them balls is ginournous!"
de Cletus 24 décembre 2003
2 6
Way bigger than big or ginmormous. like way way way way way way way way way way way way totally big
Holy shit that asteroid is ginormous
de dudemanguy 15 octobre 2003
3 7
(adj.) 1. Very large
"Laura's brain is the opposite of ginormous; it is microscopic
de Katie 29 juillet 2003
4 8
Bigger than enormous but not quite hugantic.
The decorated general had a ginormous heart o' gold.

John Ursal is a ginormous socialist.
de Lukey 22 mai 2003
2 6
The combination of gigantic AND enormous
"Yo dog that bitch is GINORMOUS!"
de anonymous 4 mai 2003
6 10
a short way of saying 'gigantically enormous'
That building is ginormous, yo!
de Matt (and class) 28 juillet 2005
1 6
Developed by the lads at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), ginormous has come to mean anything that is of massive/epic proportions.
Look at the ginormous pustule on Herman's ass!
de Shetayit Blackwolf 22 mai 2005
9 14