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An alien monster in the Showa Godzilla series of movies. Gigan was a cyborg made by a race of giant cockroaches from Nebula Spacehunter M. He traveled to earth in a crystal which exploded when he got to Earth. He came to Earth to destroy Tokyo but got his butt kicked by Godzilla and Angurius. In the movie that followed he got his butt kicked by the incredibly silly Jet Jaguar, so he never really died. A rarity when you get your butt kicked by Godzilla, just look at what happened to Mothra, the first Anguirus, Ebriah, etc. He sported a buzzsaw fixed in his chest, (which he made good use of) hook claws, and a forehead laser which was never used in either movie.
Gigan screeched, stomped, and shot his eye laser at Godzilla.
de Lu 22 mars 2004
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Boobs that are just gigantic. They are hardly ever perky, but they can, at times, get the job done.
"Duhuhuhuhude, that girl has some gigans man "

"word man, id like to tit fuck them gigs"
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de Ballafresh 21 août 2009
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