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A nightime activity practiced generally in the South; bullfrog hunting, which involves, in some cases, shooting the frog with a .22 caliber gun and then spearing it, cleaning it, and cooking it, in order to eat the frog's legs.
Last night Bubba went giggin' and then we had frog legs for dinner.
de Girl Next Door 16 juillet 2005
96 43
Down south night-time activity involving a flashlight, bag, and a meat hook.
de IdleDeviant 18 août 2003
60 39
the act of having sex and your condom slides off inside a girls vag when you cum and you have to dig it out with your fingers.
Wes had to go frog gigging last night when he screwed that girl.
de captn jack 69 11 novembre 2012
11 23
Catching and releasing frogs.
I petted 14 frogs yesterday when I went frog gigging.
de Chelsea G. 1 juillet 2005
17 101