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A Word used to describe a self proclaimed "cool guy" or "poser", a person who lies or over exaggerates stories to gain attention or gain the respect of his/her peers. The difference between a cool guy/poser and a flame shirter is that everyone knows the flame shirter is lying but listens to him/her just to hear how lame they came possibly be. This term originated from people who used to wear silk, button up shirts with flames on them, or dragons/skulls. These (now mostly extinct) people founded the flame shirter with there consistent "ego" and "personality", but the sad truth is, everyone has a little flamer shirter in them....EVERYONE!
1.Someone who is making up a story to impress people would be a flame shirter.

2.Someone acting out of their ego or pride to the extent that they know they are wrong but press on anyways in the defense of the matter they started to avoid shame or embarrassment.

3.Someone who is talking themselves up constantly is a flame shirter

4.Someone always needing reassurance is a flame shirter

5.Some one wearing pants that zip off below the knee's and turn into shorts is a flame shirter

6.Anyone wearing clothes that believe makes them look "tough" involving (skulls,flames,skulls,dragons,etc.)

7.someone always changing their style to fit the trend of what they think is cool
#poser #cool guy #fake #claimer #loser #lame
de bumblebeeknows 25 mars 2014
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