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County in South-Western Connecicut.

You know you're from Farifield when:
-You think Danbury is a city.
-You either drive an SUV or some kind of tricked-out Japanese import.
-You have to keep your dogs in at night because of the Coyotes.
-You ski/snowboard.
-You think everybody who lives north of New Milford is a hick.
-You are a pothead.
-You are scared of the Wilton police.
-You have to deal with sport-coat-wearing asshole New Yorkers parading up and down your streets on weekends and window-shopping at stores that anyone who actually lives Fairfield would never think of looking at.
-You have go to New York State to buy alcohal.
-You get three times as much snow as New York City.
-You have an accessway.
-You've played mailbox baseball.
-You go camping.
-You see a therapist.
-Noone over the age of 25 smokes in public.
-You smoke Connecticut Pebble.
-There are Mexicans digging holes in your lawn.
-You're Irish.
-You know a guy in Norwalk that can get you a great deal.
-You listen to Dave Matthews.
-You're fake.
-You think Fairfield is boring and can't wait to get out, yet will defend it's reputation with your life.
Yeah, I'm from Firfield.
de Roger Seamus Gilson 11 avril 2005
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