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Acronym "Eat Better Tonight". Actually stands for "Electronic Benefits Transfer", which is the current method of distributing food stamp benefits. Many "EBT" cardholders are often seen purchasing high end food items like live seafood, high grade cuts of meat, etc.
I saw a couple in the market using their "EBT" card to purchase live Maine lobsters. I guess they'll "eat better tonight". Sad to see how my tax dollars are being spent.
de Dr. J. Mihada 13 décembre 2006
221 75
food stamps. known for electronic broke-ass-nigga transactions.
got this food on ebt.
de d dogg 12 juillet 2003
204 81
Electronic card food stamps for low income people
Do vending machines accept EBT cards? Well it sucks that we cant use EBT cards at McDonald's
de EBT4LiFE 20 juillet 2011
71 28
extremely black transaction
hey JAYmal put the pork grinds back they dont take EBT
de Philip8806 4 septembre 2011
84 65
excessive ball tapping. When a guy always has to whack another guys balls.
Cameron must have E.B.T., because he has hit me in the balls 5 times today. 3 of the times was while I was sitting on the crapper. He likes hitting more balls than a golfer.
de quest?onmyidentity 9 septembre 2007
4 12
Extra Bomb Titties - can be used as a noun in reference to a pair of titties that are too good to be described as merely 'bomb'. Can also be used as an adjective to describe anything that is just as awesome.
- "I love my girlfriend."

- "Does she have EBT?" (noun)

- "Not really..."

- "You should kill her."

- "So...I took acid and ecstasy at the same time was EBT." (adjective)
de Hot Pata 29 mai 2010
23 75