Someone who is a liberal or left-wing. Someone who usually believes things such as:

•There should be seperation of church and state, whether or not we were founded by christians
•State's rights are important
•Proving murder is wrong by killing a murderer is stupid
•"Killing" an unborn baby, where the mother could die from childbirth, or was a rape victim, is o.k. If you have masturbated or eat chicken eggs for breakfast how could you be against it.
•Thinks we need to do something about global warming
•Favors higher taxes for a GOOD REASON! There are too many underfunded schools, and over forty million americans without basic healthcare. Taxes pay for that.
•Thinks even if you are against something, doesn't mean it should be illegal for others to do.
•And to all you republicans, its ok to be a republican, but don't go bashing democrats and then not even know how to spell it, or have tons of errors, that is just embaressing.
I am a democrat

Bill Clinton

He is a democrat, he supports funding of schools
de Alex 18 juin 2006
-A person who is not a Republican, that is, is not selfish, self-centered, and greedy.
-A true democrat is a person that embraces the idea of freedom-the belief that each human being has the right to make her/his own decisions.
-A democrat believes in equality and in making available services to those with not enough money to afford them, because a democrat understands that poverty is not due to laziness, but rather to problems affecting a person's life.
-A democrat understands that not everyone can afford to go to college.
-A democrat truly embraces the First Amendment of the Constitution, declaring freedom of religion, freedom of speech,freedom of the press, and the freedom to assemble.
A single mother with breast cancer unable to work to feed her child and to afford adequate treatment for her illness begs on the streets for money or food.
A Republican's answer:'Ahh that lazy b*tch, if she just found a job or went to church. She deserves this for her awful sin of having sex before marriage. The Lord knows what he's doing!'
A Democrat's answer: 'I will give her money and start fundraising to gather money to help her.'
de diana in the mist 1 juin 2006
One of the two major political parties in the United States. Democrats believe in equal rights, and aren't stupid homophobes that believe gays should not be allowed to marry because of what a book says. They have also set up many programs like medicare, welfare, etc. that help the lower-class citizens, which make up most of the country.

They also believe in women's rights, such as abortion. They also believe that if there is something that needs to be done, it is up to them to do it, and not the almighty God.

They care about the people of their country, and have a heart and help the less fortunate.
"He's more worried about unborn things that are probably a mistake and would cause the unfortunate victim nine months of pain and misery and homosexuals, who are apparently evil, getting married? A Republican.

He's more worried about equal rights of everyone in the country, the freedom of our people, and helping the poor and middle-class citizens instead of the filthy rich that make up only a small percentage of our population? A Democrat."
de doesitreallymatter? 25 mai 2005
Even though Democrats raise taxes on the rich, wages increase to more than make up for the extra taxes when Democrats are in power. And though Republicans cut taxes for the rich, wages decrease much more than the tax cut when Republicans are in power.
Even if it is just a coincidence that the economy always does better under Democrats, you would think people would want to go with those odds.
de j05h 16 mai 2005
A person aligned to a political party primarily concerned with liberal causes such as the enviroment, education, a de-emphasis on state's rights, strict construction, healthcare, 1st amendment rights and separation of church and state. In short, democrats are paragons of truth, virtue, and logic. The US would be a better place with more Democrats around.
Once we get a Democrat in the Oval Office, the country will get back on track.
de oscar wilde 15 février 2005
One who likes to feel your pain, (as opposed to Republican: one who likes to cause your pain.)
The typical Democrat is somewhat of a masochist, but all Republicans are Sadists and many are currently exibiting highly overblown levels of nationalism which can be reasonably compared with the behavior seen in the early years in Nazi Germany.
de Joe 3 septembre 2003
One of the two largest political parties in the United States, Democrats are generally left-wing, supporting social reform, government regulation of the private sector, and seperation of church and state. Democrats prefer to rely on common sense and understanding of other cultures rather than blind patriotism and xenophobia.
Franklin Delano Roosevelt was one of the greatest democrats, known for his reform of fiscal policy towards americans in order to combat the great depression. John F Kennedy, despite having a questionable private life, was also a model democrat, averting nuclear war during the Cuban Missile Crisis and paving the way for civil rights reform for african americans.
de commonsense sam 12 février 2012

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