Do I look like a give a fuck?

Commonly used on Facebook, to describe a feeling of being annoyed and/or want everyone to know you could care less.
Jamie: "OMGahh! You never text me back, I hate you!"

Daniel: "DILLIGAF?!"
#careless #look #fuck #like #annoyed
de DontGiveUhh 10 février 2011
Do I Look Like I Give A Fuck
mary "what did he say about your new braces"
anne "he dosent like them, but, dilligaf, really"
#dgaf #idc #idgaf #wtfc #idk
de cwistinaaa 14 janvier 2009
Do I Look Like I Give A Fuck
Ain't that yer Girl-Friend making out with that OTHER Hot chick???

#so what #give a fuck #yeah so #what #me care
de DragonWolfe 17 avril 2008
do i look like i give a fuck
so what dilligaf
#do #i look #like #i give #a fuck
de witchsnitch 2 avril 2010
do I look like I give a flock? unflappable

Resistant to calls for action by fanatics and haters skeptical

Confident enough in your own judgment and values to ignore reckless mob psychology centered
When extremists and haters try to excite you onto their path,
the simplest response is dilligaf.
de gaffe-free 6 décembre 2015
Do I look like I give a f*ck
can also be dilligaff: Do I look like I gave a flying F*ck
That bumper sticker said 'DILLIGAF'
#fubar #don't care #no interest #dilligaff #f*ck
de slitherfth 16 octobre 2008
do i look like i give a fuck
teacher:hey your late for class young man
#dilligaf #dillig.a.f #dillio #dillido #do i look like i gaf
de lil' man 8 novembre 2006
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