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Cooking is a dance trend invented by Lil' B, in that it's only waist up - designed to be done in front of a web cam.

Different Levels of cooking include:
-Head Chefs
-Top Chefs
-Master Chef (like a black belt)
We be cooking like a master chef right now - SWAG!
de SWAGCOOKING 10 décembre 2010
443 90
A word to describe the act of making methamphetamines
He was arrested for cooking
de Elissa.marie 15 juin 2008
95 63
what you better be doing right now, woman!
get back in the kitchen and start cooking. don't make me backhand you again, bitch!
203 184
Blowing a guy; preforming oral sex on a guy
Everyone know they were cooking in the steam room.
de Agrandy 12 mai 2010
24 30
In Reference to (wanna be) Comedian Dane Cook.

The act of telling very unfunny sometimes annoying jokes, that not many people find funny. The person telling the joke might be the only one laughing.
After Janet tripped on a fan... Jody: Oh Janet! you just had a turkey experience!

Janet: Why is that Jody??
Jody: You Tryp to phan! hahahahah
Janet: !? Are you fucking "cooking" me???? that was so lame.
de Lord_Van_Voldemort 24 septembre 2009
91 101
the act of masturbation.
dude, I'm cooking a four course dinner with sue tonight.
de therocketlaunchers. 22 juillet 2008
17 33
When something travels or accelerates at an unusually fast rate.
The Z06 (corvette) is cooking off the line.
de David (DK) Alagozian 12 août 2005
28 47