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fluffy and fat
hubbyy chubby fat cat
de john pelliter 10 juillet 2009
13 37
An L(Dutch) that is huge. Up to one inch in diameter.
Hey man, smoke this chubby with me. I can't finish it myself.
de The Other Mongoose 10 mai 2008
14 39
A Chubby is another word for an erection.
Wow that girl is giving me a chubby!
de LAWLERSKATES11111 18 juin 2009
10 37
A nice way of saying one is fat.
"Am I fat?" Asks Fat Louise
"Oh no of course not, your just chubby..."

Also; see big boned.
de Sibyl Vane 27 mai 2004
91 120
v. To accidentally let slip information relating to your porn watching habits.
I really chubby when I accidentally told my friends I watched Japanese tentacle goat porn.
de AJV the Man 7 décembre 2009
6 36
an excited, fully erect smiling penis.
de LittleBigGirl 15 juin 2010
2 34
a chubbie is someone who eats too much and doesnt do enough exercise, they spend far too much time on MSN. India is a definate example!!!
i don't want a chubby anywhere near me!!!
de GOD 31 janvier 2005
13 49