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an expression used as in referance to doing something
Oh, CHILK! I stubbed my toe!
de Jenna L. 26 septembre 2006
22 9
A new slang word for Chill
I was chilkin' with my boys
Datnigga on YMEF is chilkin with his gay friends..
Matt is chilkin all day!
Chilk Ock!
de Matty Millz 12 novembre 2007
18 9
Chilk is a slang term for chocolate milk. (ch)ocolate m(ilk). Chilk is great for any occasion, and has been proven to be a great recovery drink after workouts because of its high protein, calcium, and water content.

Chilk can be bought in single bottles, but is better enjoyed straight out of a gallon jug.
My legs were throbbing from running 50 miles barefoot across that lava field, but I chugged some chilk and am good to go now.
de chilk the chocker 5 octobre 2012
6 0
The milk products that comes from Archdale-Trinity Middle school.
The chilk today wasn't half bad.
de AtheistJesus69 30 décembre 2013
0 0
Derived from CHocolate mILK.
Substance which seeps out of the anus after anal intercourse.
anyone fancy some chilk?
de Nina 12 janvier 2005
20 20
Word used to describe a certain feeling or emotion
wutup chilk master
de School BOy 4 juin 2003
16 16
when you fart and cum through your penis at the same time, incredibly painful
kevin and dante chilked at the same time, causing a cloud of toxic air over the english classroom
de walkingwannabe 4 décembre 2010
3 5