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Certified Milf Materiel. A friend who has a hot mom has a C.M.M.
Guy 1: Have you seen Billys mom?

Guy 2: Hell yeah she is defiently C.M.M
de hr15 2 juin 2009
1 0

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Abbreviation for "com'on man" (come on man). Used to express how ridiculous you think something is that was just said/just happened. Synonomous to "give me a break".
Sean: I don't think I'm going to make it down to the shore this weekend, I have a massive headache.
Trevor: CMM!!!!!!!!
de Princess 27 août 2003
14 14
Certified Money Maker
That bama with the gold grill is no dout a CMM.
de Riley Thomas 18 septembre 2006
7 13
A scarlet pimp so rich he is quimby rodriguez the KOP and man of millions, i.e. man with millions of dollars, all in cash
Quimby Rodrieguez
de Nick 3 novembre 2003
5 11
A complete douche bag... All his co-stars agree.
Fiance looks like a child.
OMG John Mayer is a massive CMM!!
de Soitssaid 23 février 2010
4 11
Chad Michael Murray, Which is the hottest Guy alive and the sexiest ... he played loucas in one tree hill and he played austin in Cinderella story,etc.
Girl: cmm is so hot..
Dad: who is cmm?
Girl: chad michael murray the hottest guy alive !
de sofia15 30 décembre 2005
19 27