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Often associated with the term Chocolate bear, this type of person is generally athletic with extremely large latissius dorsi. They were often the leaders of rebellions against the Roman Empire; often unsuccessful due to the fact that all the soldiers were jealous of their leader's athletic ability. The dominant genetics, according to Cambridge studies, is associated with their large flashy teeth and ferocity. Sometimes with slightly misunderstood homosexual tendencies. The males of this gene pool often fall hopelessly in love with a single woman who will eventually tear their hearts out and sacrifice them to the Gods. Modern Day versions of this ancient warrior are those who accomplish extreme feats of strength while often brushing their teeth at the same time. Changes wrought into their now imperfect gene pool has rendered them below their average seven foot height.
Person 1: "Man you're such an Butikofer."
Person 2: "An ancient Butikofer or a new Butikofer?"
Person 1: "A new Butikofer."
Person 2: "You're a tool."
de Scrubsmania 25 septembre 2013
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