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The hottest girl in the entire universe.

Who's our favorite flexible, flirty and funny lesbian? Comedian Bridget McManus, of course! The 28-year-old former All American cheerleader came to the attention of readers after a guest appearance on the vlog We're Getting Nowhere. You demanded more McManus, and the hit vlog Brunch With Bridget was born. Broadcasting each week from her bed in Los Angeles, the professionally random McManus talks to her female guests about a variety of topics and ends each episode by cajoling them into a "pillow fight to the death." She also made a memorable cameo as Rhonda the Rapid Delivery girl on the web series 3Way, and can be seen this summer in a very brief appearance in the Angelina Jolie blockbuster Wanted. Look for her in the upcoming comedy documentary, Laughing Matters: The Next Generation, and prepare to tell the rest of the world that you knew her way back when.
copyright's hot 100 2008
Bridget McManus is so frickin hott, I would totally do her. And I'm straight!
#lesbian #hott #comedian #actress #brunch with bridget
de Loralei 26 octobre 2008
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