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Means the same thing as beezy, but sounds cooler. Pronounced like "sneeze".
What a little beeze.
de SarahAlbritton 31 décembre 2008
20 7
Beeze (verb.) - a slang conjugation of the verb to be.
Youze beeze gay dude.
de ubarboobar 8 septembre 2010
5 6
The wrong spelling for the word beezie
Note to Jeff:
"Im gonna sleep wit that beeze tonight"
de Sokel 12 juillet 2005
16 19
The logical plural of booze. Used when you drink so much booze that it has to be pluralized.
She nearly passed out after drinking huge gallons of beeze.
de .NetRolller 3D 12 mars 2010
8 15
A word that can replace any other word ever invented. Beeze is commonly substiuted for words you would not want others to hear.
Want to smoke some beeze? or What the beeze?!
de Ryan Brothers 30 juillet 2003
18 28