16 definitions by wouldnt you like to know

a pretty damn good skater, but not the god of skateboarding, sorry to say
tony hawk is the man, but danny way can kick his ass
de wouldnt you like to know 29 décembre 2003
one of the best skateboarders there is, hailing all the way from liverpool, england, he is tough as nails
geoff rowley just did a boardslide down that 30 stair!
de wouldnt you like to know 29 décembre 2003
a pretty awesome rap group, whos best song is on the skate video "YEAH RIGHT!"
jurrasic five is a kick ass band
de wouldnt you like to know 29 décembre 2003
2)mastication of fecal matter
3)a group of incredibly funny pretentious assholes (and then some) who tend to chew bubble gum, even when, in fact, they are all out of bubble gum.
4)A group of some of the nicest guys you'll meet out there, also--incredibly talented t o the point where you'll wanna kick yourself in the face.
"Ask me if I'm a dinosaur"
"..Are you a dinosaur?"
de wouldnt you like to know 2 mai 2004
1. the coolest forum site on earth
2. a guy who gets girls all the time
1: are you going on saehoon tonight?
2: yeah are you?
1: of course!

saehoon: damn i get a lotta ass!
de wouldnt you like to know 18 juillet 2003
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