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4 definitions by wisdomgirl

someone wants the best in life and they work hard to get to make it happen for themselves nobody stops them.
We went to a job program and we had go-getters who want to look for a job and want to make it happen in job force market.
de Wisdomgirl 17 novembre 2013
24 1
when someone fucks up bad and they have to start alll over in life.
ok I went to school I saw someone talk trash and call me a fuck up.
de Wisdomgirl 21 décembre 2013
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when a man or woman wants sex from you and they attack your body.
I meet a man touches you and you tell him no and he acts like a sexual beast he will attack you.
de Wisdomgirl 17 novembre 2013
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when the world is crazy around you and you feel the world is out to get you. it can be karma and all bad stuff happening to you.
I was in my room thinking crazy thoughts and I felt the world was after me and i felt very angry at crazy life.
de Wisdomgirl 17 novembre 2013
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