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there is a whole specram, drive through, which is near pop punk but too sad to be pop punk, examples of this would be home grown or allistar.
theres slow emo, often one male singer and an acoustic guitar example, dashboard confessional, coheid and cambria. then there is angst emo, typically two male singers two/three guitars with bright lights in background of video, these tend to sing about failed relationships, example taking back sunday. then there is post hard core which still comes under the categorie of emo, this is too heavy to be emo, but too soft to be hard core, will usually have a male being able to sing aswell as scream, these sing about failed relationships and use metaphores for words like 'and' example funeral for a friend. then there is hard core, this has similarities to metal, fast music, rythm and bass with the singer been so passionate about what they are singing they are litterally screaming, examples been poisen the well, atreyu.
then there is metal core, closest to metal and the last in the spectram, very fast, typiccally male siner heavy guitar riffs and more of a growl than a scream
taking back sunday
and won't you tell all your friends, youv'e got your gun to my head
de thesoup 12 juillet 2005
happy, catchy, reminds you of summer with a tounge in cheack look at what went wrong when you were 16 that seemed oh so important at the time, but now you look at it, it really doesn't matter. with the occasional song that will suprise you, there is something in a bowling for soup album for everyone
well i've been round hear so long and my life
seems meaningless and i wanna hurt my self (early bfs)

iv'e got it all figured out,
just take my hand and understand theres a lot of tomorrows (middle bfs)

this is the verse about the parashiute pants
that i learnt to break dance in and thought i was good (new bfs)
de thesoup 13 juillet 2005
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