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The 'wives and girlfriends' of the more prominent characters in hardcore. The term has now been expanded merely to most girls that attend hardcore shows. Contrary to the term "mosh", moshwags won't actually do so but will, instead, stand at a safe distance so as not to disrupt the outfit they so painstakingly put together- possibly days beforehand.

'Mosh wags' are definable by their attention to vanity. You will fall into this category if you subscribe to the following:

Long, block coloured hair in either high lift bleach, dark brunette or, more recently, 'ashley simpson' red pantones;
nail extensions
hair extensions
fake tan
fake eyelashes
dark eye make up and enough lip gloss to drown your next victim.

Physical attributes are normally accompanied by amoral principles with a "don't let anybody judge the way you live your life" attitude, assumingly to justify the many many men they devour in the webs they spin at the dimly lit venues they habituate.

Moshwags of an aesthetically pleasing nature will tend to circumnavigate those with more social 'gold'. Aka...they will only suck band and promoter dick.
Oh jesus, this place is filled with moshwags. Let's bust.
#sluts #girls #hardcore #punk #hair
de thegoogyegg 8 décembre 2008
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