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21 definitions by taz gam

when you jack off hardcore
doud i just beat off like 10 times
let me beat off in your ass
de taz gam 20 mars 2004
269 87
a phrase commonly shouted out of windows at sluts so they show their fucking tits, usually proceeded by shaking of beads
listen up! show your fucking tits!!
de taz gam 20 mars 2004
41 28
spanish form of listen up!
(in mexico) escucha me!
de taz gam 20 mars 2004
22 15
named after its creator, a total lie told in story form and with no way to prove its validity or falseness; can also refer to an instance in which someone talks about something they have no clue about
dewd, i just had 27 shots and im not even buzzed!
de taz gam 20 mars 2004
3 1
a maneuver in which you fake throwing out your back to get out of butt sex
slut: why did you stop fucking me in the ass?
me: my back hurts
de taz gam 21 mars 2004
4 3
the term used when lolz just won't do
d00d i saw the funniest episode of Friends today!1onewon hyaz!
de taz gam 20 mars 2004
0 0
you shout this at people who have no idea whats going on
listen up! don't check out my package faggot
de taz gam 20 mars 2004
3 3