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4 definitions by seven.56789

Completely Different
I've eaten pizza before , but this one was a Far Cry
de seven.56789 19 juillet 2010
20 3
If I catch that type of gun I'll be able to wear off this god damn war
de seven.56789 19 juillet 2010
7 2
to leave the place that you've sat on

The action of lying down and situp to make your stomach muscles tougher
when there's an old person on the buss or train , you should situp and let her sit .

If you wanna make you stomach muscles tougher , you've to situp hardly .
de seven.56789 20 juillet 2010
2 1
a machine that does several works , at least more than one

like a machine that moves on the ground , flys & moves on the sea or so
I have a kind of Gadget car it moves on the ground , in the sea and it even can Fly , that's a complete gadget .

like Inspector gadget , his does several thins
de seven.56789 19 juillet 2010
8 8