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26 definitions by sacz69

A punching technic used by neanderthal fighters where the neanderthal fighter will swing his arms in a circler fashion much like an old fashion windmill
that jay kid was doing windmill punches
de sacz69 25 janvier 2008
39 13
getting your ass kicked badly, losing a fight or any challege(video games, board games, sports etc.)
that one kid got whooped
de sacz69 28 janvier 2008
42 23
one who sucks on Black Dick
sacz- your a snicker sucker

stephanie- i can't help it i like black guys
de sacz69 11 janvier 2008
17 1
one who loves the chicken sandwhich that is served at skool
mom ur a clux delux lover
de sacz69 25 janvier 2008
19 7
beating someone up badly, kicking ones ass, beating someone at a sport game or any kind of game
I'd worked that fool
de sacz69 26 janvier 2008
17 7
a fat douche, a fat person who loves to cause drama and very greedy
that burger lord tried to fight me but he got his ass worked
de sacz69 26 janvier 2008
12 4
One who has a nose similar that to that of the gient primate, the lowland gorilla
sacz- who have a gorilla nose

danny- I know, and i like men
de sacz69 11 janvier 2008
11 4