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7 definitions by ricemond

A common preposition that can be placed before any English word to make it French.
"I am le French" or "I am le cool"
de ricemond 4 décembre 2003
713 226
A brief masturbatory interlude separating a lengthy period of idle procrastination and a period of productive intellectual functioning.
"ahhhhhhh! thats better, now i can concentrate"
de ricemond 3 décembre 2003
123 39
How chinese people say three.
"one! two! free!"
de ricemond 6 décembre 2003
81 70
An amalgamation of meat products that is precariously blended together into a long, erect, cylindrically shaped product. Often marketed by prepubescent children who unwittingly sing about naming their "meat" and whose mascot is a gigantic weiner on wheels.
"my bologne has a first name"
de ricemond 6 décembre 2003
29 19
A song...
got rice bitch?
de ricemond 6 décembre 2003
125 116
An individual who is confined to their bed due to their morbid obesity; one who wallows in their own excrements.
"Whoa! look at that beached whale"
de ricemond 6 décembre 2003
58 49
This honger club in Richmond BC has been made popular by 16 year old ricers and teddyboy gangbangers who think they are pimpin. The dance floor is bumpin, where the sickest moves from para para paradise, dance dance revolution, and any of the newest arcade games can be exhibited.
"r u going to viva la~ kekeke"
de ricemond 3 décembre 2003
17 54