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4 definitions by pacodiablo

A 4WD SUV once produced by Ford. The full-size variant made from 1978 to 1996 was commonly used by pimps, drug dealers and OJ Simpson.
How many hoes can fit in that Bronco?
de pacodiablo 14 février 2004
171 98
A Ford SUV introduced in 1990 as a 1991 model year vehicle. Ranger based until 2002. Commonly used by pimps and drug dealers.
...I put the pedal to the floor in my two tone Ford Explorer...
de pacodiablo 14 février 2004
66 28
A high performance version of the popular Ford F-150 pickup truck. The Lightning version is built by Ford's Special Vehicle Team.
I just smoked that Silverado SS in the Lightning.
de pacodiablo 14 février 2004
65 43
A slang term for the vagina.
She got her cooty cat tore up.
de pacodiablo 14 février 2004
15 7