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4 definitions by madison7667

To smoke the very last of a cigarette.
Come on, blow the butt of that cig so we can get out of here.
de madison7667 13 mai 2004
15 6
A systematic means of determining a solution to a problem, often involving a large amount of time; often involves eliminating possibilities.
John, you need to use trial and error to determine the answer for #5.
de madison7667 13 mai 2004
10 4
An adjective for a hoppin', club-like scene
Loud music, dancing and an all-round good time.
Let's get this party crunk.
de madison7667 13 mai 2004
8 30
To tell a person off; to argue with superb stability and backing
Man, don't be lettin' her give you lip service like that.
de madison7667 13 mai 2004
9 49