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6 definitions by kimba

Usually used to describe driving around the block, particularly if done on a Saturday night with thumpin' music playing.
'Wanna do a blockie and check out the scene and listen to some really crap techno?"
de Kimba 12 juillet 2005
9 10
To have a good old wank.
'She's going away for a month.'

'Oh man, you'll have to wop your chop all month.'
de kimba 17 juillet 2005
5 17
adj. Totally desperate
'Oh man, I am so dezzo to get laid.'
de kimba 17 juillet 2005
1 18
Verb - 'to have a sandwich'. Means when you try to talk to someone you really fancy, but you end up a) saying something stupid, b) stuttering and acting weird c)running away.
Derived from having a crush on someone that worked in a sandwich shop.
"Oh my God, I had a total sandwich when I saw Pip last night."
de kimba 17 juillet 2005
3 36
Something tasteless, monocultural, cheesy or obtuse that the person displaying the said item, behaviour or demeanour thinks is cool.
Guys wearing trucker hats, pink shirts with paint splatters, and perma-tans, and who think driving around the block makes them cool
de Kimba 12 juillet 2005
6 40
(verb) To skull or swallow something quickly.
'Here's your tequila man - Now throat it'.
de kimba 17 juillet 2005
15 69