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shortened version of "i dunno", which is a shortend version of "i dont know", which is a shortend version of "i do not know"
Iono where your pencil is, find it yourself!
de karate 7 décembre 2003
the answer to a question when your confused but are expected to answer

the sound you make if you open ur mouth while making the m sound
(perhaps that is why people say um because they are opening and then closeing their mouths)
your asleep on ur desk and some guy comes n says "hey wanna um maybe be at the prom together?"
your responce "uhhhhhhhhhhh wha??"
de karate 7 décembre 2003
the stuff on the sides of your eyes sometimes when you wake up.
she woke up and had eye boogers from sleeping so long
de karate 7 décembre 2003
online abreviation for "my pleasure" often used as a responce to thank you.
person A - back
person B - wb
person A -ty
person N -mp
de karate 7 décembre 2003
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