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there are 2 rtypes of emos one (the more common one) are fake emos whom just dress in black wear makeup and complain all the time but they are really preps just dressed up to get a guy/girl to like them (for some reason being emo is hugeley popular)
and the real emo whom is a person who well i do nt know i havent seen any real emos just the fake ones at my school
Fake Emo:
i hate my life so much evrything is going wrong (next day)
hey i just singed up for cheerleading pratcise!
#emo #fake #cheerleader #school #guy #girl
de email me if u have problems 24 octobre 2007
a person who lives for starting fights on the internet usually just to come back 3 days later and say it was their brother
wow this is a good video the audio was a little off in the begining but i loved the quality congratz

Forum troll:
y0ou are such an idoit why dont u learn to speak common english jesus christ such a person of your standing should at least kill yourself so no one has to read this again

dude stfu i didnt do anything to piss you off

Forum troll:
sorry my little brother got on my account and left a mean comment hes 6
#troll #forum #me #6 #argue #stupid
de email me if u have problems 24 octobre 2007
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