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4 definitions by craven morhed

The biggest erection a man can achieve, it is very rare like a good Adam Sandler movie.
Guy 1: "Kate Upton flashed me this morning and I totally Mavericked."

Guy 2: "Congratulations man, did you make a wish?"
de craven morhed 6 décembre 2012
john gammon
its funny because you are !!
de CRAVEN MORHED 6 février 2003
isa's famous pick up lines that always work
hey baby i was sport you from across the room and you a fly girl i like yo style so awwww LEMME GET YO NUMBA BABY!!!!!!
de CRAVEN MORHED 10 février 2003
love mayoneese
gurl you know you like my homemade miracle whip
de CRAVEN MORHED 6 février 2003