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In FPS Games: One who attacks aimlessly; without skill or technique; especially while using weapons that do damage over a large area (grenades, rocket launchers, pipe bombs, etc).
lucky noob spammer...
de b0b 23 octobre 2003
A declaration of victory intended to provoke and/or confuse. Often used three times at once. All the cool people are using it.
fw33p! fw33p! fw33p!
de b0b 23 octobre 2003

Ima join the ABC wen im 18!!
de b0b 25 février 2005
To capture the flag in a CTF game.
we won by 2 caps
de b0b 23 octobre 2003
A disney movie about roller blading
I was watching brink the other name
de b0b 31 mars 2003
The god of homosexuals,politicians,lawyers,nambla etc.
Satan sucks!

de B0B 20 février 2005
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