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When some one is sexualy arousing in an erection sort of way!
They have a hott ass!
'slap ass' "Scorchin"!
"Girl lock at that guys ass, it is scorchin"!
An Oldperson's Expression For Being Confused About The 21st Century.
To Be Not In The Knowledge Of Something.
The Kids These Days, I Tell You... Its A cong Funkle
Im Cong Funkled, What Did She Just Say?
What A Bother! Thats Just Cong Funkled Me Right Up!
de The Muteress and The Mutelator 22 février 2005
The Mutelator!
A Great Acomplace To The Ever So X-L-X Lent Muteress
The Mutelator Enjoys; Weekly Trips To Subway/Hungry Jacks, Making Friends With The Shuntiest People On Earth And Playing With Her Box
M to the U-Te-Lator
The Muteress Is Da Bomb!
Oh My Dog!
de The Muteress and The Mutelator 22 février 2005
The Muteress!
A Shunty Blind Mute Who Gets Lost In Carparks, Receives Sexual Calls At 2 In The Afternoon, Enjoys Wooden Boats And Shannon Knowel!
Ahh As If!!!
M.C. Muteress!
Oww Ashleigh You Mute (In The -Ress Way
M to the U-Te-Ress!
de The Muteress and The Mutelator 22 février 2005
a person who is a blind,deaf mute with no arms and no legs
the lady from the book "so much to tell you"
a person who is both a blind and deaf mute and also missing all limbs is preety useless in the sense that they cant do anything. they cant; read brail because they have no hands, see, hear or speak to anyone, walk as no legs are attached to their abdomen. The best they can do is to hold a cane in their mouth in hope that their wheelchair doesnt get munted into a wall and there cane be forced down their throat.
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