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In a phrase Nikola Tesla > Charlie Sheen, Nyan Cat, Chuck Norris, and any other so-called win people added, then raised exponentially to the power of a googolplex. This dude invented the polyphase alternating current system, fluorescent lighting, had OCD (especially with the number 3), caused an earthquake, might have invented a time travel machine but blueprints destroyed in lab fire, was the true inventor of radio, helped develop a necessary logic gate called an "AND" gate, and lots more. The best thing he did though, was invent the epic win Tesla Coil.
Nikola Tesla was far more influential on out lives than Edison, yet he gets only a paragraph, if any in textbooks. Nikola Tesla = WIN. And sadly he's dead and asexual. He's also somewhat hot.
de Tesla Coil Girl 9 décembre 2011
*cont* Their arcs can be purple, or bright white *edged with blue*, depending on the type, size, and current. 99.99 percent of people that build these for fun are boys, but there are the occasional girls, including yours truly. If you want more and more immediate info, ask the people on You need to make an account though and the mods do not dig one ounce of spam. The account is free though. They depict these in the movie "The Sorcerer's Apprentice." END :D
It's weird enough to say "I love Tesla Coils" really fast when you are a girl, but it is weirder when you hear a boy say that.
de Tesla Coil Girl 23 décembre 2011
An awesome book series by Ridley Pearson. It is about a group of kids from five different schools (which actually exist) that get sent to Disney World (in Orlando) to be subjects for a DHI, Daylight Hologram Imaging / Disney Host Interactive project. This allows tourists to ask questions to projected hologram guides all over the parks. However, something went wrong when they compiled their data. When they fall asleep at night, they wake up as their hologram selves in the park. This may sound fun, but it turns out the Disney villains are real! It would be cool if one of them "went" to Dr. Phillips High School, the one adjacent to Universal Studios. But no, it's a DISNEY book... not a UNIVERSAL one.
Hey man! I wonder if they really are going to put DHIs in Disney just like they did in the Kingdom Keepers!.
de Tesla Coil Girl 23 décembre 2011
*cont* They cannot get as big as DRSSTCs can. DRSSTCs are fucking dangerous but cool at the same time. These ones you NEED a faraday suit to touch the arcs or you will die. These things can be HUGE. They are very hard to build because both the primary and secondary coils have to be in resonance with each other. It is a committed build, because it is very expensive to build and even more expensive to buy. Never buy them. Always build them. It's cheaper that way. I spent about 200 dollars total on my SGTC, and for a smaller one online, it costs about 1200 dollars. DRSSTCs cost around 1000 dollars for a big one... to build from scratch. VTTCs are what it says... it has vacuum tubes. Vacuum tubes are archaic transistors. Transistors boost current. VTTCs are slightly more complicated than SSTCs, and their arcs are completely safe to touch. The arcs are still HOT though, but I'm talking electrically. HFSSTCs are high frequency, so they are also safe to touch to an extent. In all of these, I still suggest NOT touching the arcs at all, unless you have a desktop model of an SSTC. Those ones apparently "feel like how a 9V feels like on your tongue." That is the basics on Tesla Coils. Oh and also... Nikola Tesla invented it (DERP no duh). I forgot to mention. They can be over a million volts and various currents, and powered by multiple types of transformers.
I am going to go play with a million volts in my garage now using my tesla coil.
de Tesla Coil Girl 23 décembre 2011
*continued* It's simplest to build one that is one to two feet tall. The simplest one to build is a SGTC. The easiest way to build one is with a transformer, connected in parallel to a spark gap connected in parallel to a capacitor connected in parallel to the primary coil and a secondary coil of about 1200 turns of magnet wire placed inside the primary coil and a topload (it has to be of a shape with no edges, such as a sphere or a toroid--donut shaped) on the secondary. The secondary is then grounded to a copper pipe in the ground. The transformer needs to be at least 7500V 30mA. Yeah, DO NOT TRY IT AT HOME unless you know what you are doing or want to electrocute yourself. SGTCs cannot be audio modulated. It can be with an extra part but the noise would be drowned out by the spark gap. If you yell and can still hear yourself, you didn't make the spark gap right. To make sure you get the values right, you can go to JavaTC. It's a free online software for SGTC building. You can download it online. For more details on how to build one, buy or torrent "The Ultimate Construction Guide to Tesla Coils" or something.A slightly harder one that requires previous knowledge on electronics is a SSTC. They aren't as hard as DRSSTCs, but these ones are nice because the arcs are pretty safe to touch without a faraday suit and they are the fun, audio modulated ones.
I like them tesla coils huge.
de Tesla Coil Girl 23 décembre 2011
Read above post also. The most epic thing ever made. There are multiple types, such as Spark Gap Tesla Coils (SGTC), Solid State Tesla Coils (SSTC), Dual Resonant Solid State Tesla Coils(DRSSTC), Vacuum Tube Tesla Coils (VTTC), and High Frequency Solid State Tesla Coils (HFSSTC) , and much more. All Tesla Coils are transformers. They look like weird, thin, and shiny towers. Their size can vary, from the 3 inch tall desktop models, to the 7 feet tall garage models, to the 200 ft tall Lightning Lab models. I need to explain over couple of posts because there isn't enough space to contain all the awesomeness I am about to explain.
I love Tesla Coils. The longer, taller, and wider they are, the better. The more powerful the Tesla Coil, the better. I love that white stuff coming from that top. The more of it, the better.

I need a constant stream of water on my secondary coil when shining it. I need to put one coat of polyurethane on it, sand it down in the water, poly it again, and sand it down, about 10 times for a nice shine. It gets pretty cold outside so I just take it into the shower with me.
de Tesla Coil Girl 23 décembre 2011
Epic yellow object made from Chuck Norris's guts and Charlie Sheen's blood. A living Tesla Coil. If his lightning was projected in real life, it would be around a hundred million volts, and a few hundred amps. AKA Deadly but awesome. Pikachu hates going into Pokeballs, and controls children's minds through it's total epicness. A male pikachu has a pointy tail, and a female has a heart. Pikachu is the god of adorable, fluffy things and is an apprentice for the god of high voltage, Nikola Tesla. Pikachu might cause seizures when zapping missiles though. Other than that, a tame one is extremely cuddly. Pikachu lost a lot of weight from the first season to now. That doesn't mean he's any less adorable and cute!
Today's kids will never know why Pikachu is always out of its pokeball... Pikachu, Plusle, Minun, Pachirisu, and Emolga are all related, according to Bulbapedia. Also, you can tell by looking at them. They all have circles on their faces, and they are all tiny, and they are all cute as fuck.

Joke: What is an electric Pokemon's capacitance measured in?

*Pika, pico meaning 10^-12, geddit?*
de Tesla Coil Girl 10 décembre 2011