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Also known as Norwalk College of Champions, NCC is considered the Harvard of Community Colleges. Located in the beautiful foothills of the illuminous Connecticut town of Norwalk, NCC boasts an intense and rigorous curriculum that challenges its diverse and elite student body that endures a challenging and selective admissions process. Classes are usually followed by intense parties thrown at the houses of moms in neighboring Wilton, where anyone 18 to 87 is invited. Bro rape is a mandatory. Students major in store managing, filing, copying documents, and being someone's bitch in the office place. Students carry their experiences with them for the rest of their lives.
Norwalk Community College Student #1, "dude, this arithmetic is kicking my ass, maybe ill switch into filing, make a name for my self, you know?"

NCC Student #2, "brohan, you can totally follow your dreams at NCC, go for it, maybe one day, you can become the dude that gives stickers out at WalMart, or even maybe the cow at Stew Leondards."

NCC Student #1, "dude, you know you can't tempt me with my dream like that. i'll never become the cow"

Testimonial, "Well, at least I can piss away my parent's money at the College of Champions and learn how to use Microsoft Word."
de TehKoloradoKID 27 janvier 2010
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