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23 definitions by Spaz

South Lakes High School is where they are so poor they can't afford doors and the principal doesn't even speak english.
Be careful not to lean on the walls in South Lakes, you may fall through them.
de Spaz 3 mai 2004
397 180
Pants in a frame are the coolest things ever. They are literally pants in a frame. They are a deity.
"Why are those pants in a frame?"
de Spaz 6 février 2005
19 13
Composed of Erin and Kenna, the NLPAG is awesome and owns EVERYTHING. Especially Pants In A Frame.
Who rocks out loud? Erin and Kenna. That's right, the NLPAG!
de Spaz 6 février 2005
4 1
When a baseball player has had a hit or a walk every time he has come up to bat.
Even though Barry Bonds is batting 1000, he still won't get the batting title.
de Spaz 8 novembre 2003
27 24
someone is annoying you and u want them to "bog off"
"ram it yi fennie"
de spaz 2 avril 2003
3 4
The Weather Mice are magical blue mice that live with the Care Bears and control the weather.
It's raining again? DAMN THOSE WEATHER MICE!
de Spaz 6 février 2005
5 7
its when the marijuana resin gets sucked through a marijuana smoking device and gets in your mouth. then you start coughing and spitting all fuckin over the place and say "ahh shit, nasty, i got fuckin treats your bowl sucks."
i said it in the definition
de Spaz 27 juillet 2004
14 16