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1. Booty
2. Anus
3. That which is adjacent to the cunst.
I can't believe you got a whole coke can in your bunst!
de Shintobarb Troop 12.3 30 mai 2004
Slang term for poorer, ghetto-ized shintobarb youth.
"Yo neego! That's a tricked-out crylotank you got there!"
de Shintobarb Troop 12.3 30 mai 2004
Used to contain crylotant. Available in large-scale size and backpack version worn by shintobarb clan to enhance their clairvoyance in battle.
As his crylotank exploded, the shintobarb warrior knew he was doomed. He didn't stand a chance without sweet ghost power.
de Shintobarb Troop 12.3 30 mai 2004
A strange and powerful substance employed by the shintobarb clan. Some say it enhances their abilities to use ghost power. Other say it is the substance that binds sugar to bingbo. Stored in crylotanks.
Yo neego! Gimme that rock of crylo! I needs me some ghost power!
de Shintobarb Troop 12.3 30 mai 2004
A shintobarb deity known for his anal intercourse prowess.
"This feels just like glumporg," exclaimed Granny Chulek as the great forest spirit did her in the bunst.
de Shintobarb Troop 12.3 30 mai 2004
1. God in the form of a sugar-coated gummy bear. It lives in the body of believers. See also Ghost power

2. A term of endearment among the shintobarb clan.

3. An interjection.
1. Because I wield Ghost Power, the bingbo is strong within me.

2. Oh little bingbo, how is your nose?

3. Bingbo! That's teriffic you finally experienced what glumporg is like!
de Shintobarb Troop 12.3 30 mai 2004
There is not much known about Ghost Power, other than that it is the source of Bingbo, and that it is completely insane.
"Talkin' bout the power, sweeet Ghost Power! 'Cause thaaaat's the.. Source of Bingbo.
de Shintobarb Troop 12.3 30 mai 2004
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