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N: A child, usually between the ages of 9 and 15, who seeks to imitate all that is celeb or fashionable while at the same time reflecting the society of their local high school. Usually female.
The seniors laughed when they saw the gaggle of tweeny bopper girls, all wearing identical short pleated skirts at the football game and complaining about how cold it was.
#tween #tweenie #whorelet #future prep #mini-bitch
de Shidoni 7 mars 2009
N: At Burger King, when you get a side of onion rings, sometimes you accidentally get a french fry in there too. This is called a lone fry.
John: "How are those rings man? Can I have one?"
Pete: "Sweet! I got a lone fry!"
*holds up lone fry*
John: "You aren't even listening to me, are you?"
#french fry #loner #fry #ringer #bagger
de Shidoni 9 mars 2009
V: to maim, destroy, eviscerate, or otherwise kill. Usually while playing a videogame.
"I'm going to killify that bitch of a zombie!!!"
"You totally killified me, dude!!!"
#maim #defeat #own #pown #ownificate
de Shidoni 7 mars 2009
N: At Burger King when you take your food out of the bag and eat it sometimes you look back in and notice some fries fell out of the little cardboard thing. These are called baggers.
John: "I'm so fucking full, man."
Paul: *looks in bag* "Dude, you got, like, three fucking baggers in here!"
John: *burps*
Paul: *eats the baggers*
#fries #french fries #lone fries #tasty #onion rings
de Shidoni 9 mars 2009
N: At Burger King when you order a side of fries sometimes you accidentally get an onion ring in there. This is called a ringer.
Paul: "Dude, how are those fries? Can I have one?"
John: "Sweet! I got a ringer!"
*holds up onion ring*
Paul: "You aren't even listening to me, are you?"
#onion ring #bagger #lone fry #ring #tasty
de Shidoni 9 mars 2009
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