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12 definitions by SanJ Street

Me! the best drummer in Ayrshire. The main man. The daddy of your children!
Sanjstreet - God of the BMX kingdom
de SanJ Street 3 août 2003
4 11
a form of getting rid of gay ass skateboarders or roller bifters in a skatepark/down town or anywhere at all!
BMXers are bigger than you! dont slag them
de SanJ Street 3 août 2003
34 44
to keel over, and land on an un-used war device.
i hope i fall on a grenade
de SanJ Street 3 août 2003
6 25
Hoopla, Hoop, Hoop Squared: When some isnt going well.
"hows it going?"
de SanJ Street 12 juillet 2004
20 55
a band from the West coast of Scotland that make really good noise
check oot hinder . vze . com its the place to be!
de SanJ Street 3 août 2003
39 108