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A woman who becomes so intoxicated she believes herself to be a historical figure such as Queen Elizabeth.
Shannon was so drunk she thought she was Queen Elizabeth.
#queen elizabeth #drunk #intoxicated #booze #royalty
de Rutherford B. Fellows 20 avril 2009
This occurs when a female has been performing oral sex for an extended period and strikes the males scrotum out of frustration.
She gave him an angry shannon.
#angry shannon #oral sex #scrotum #strike #violent
de Rutherford B. Fellows 20 avril 2009
When an individual exudes extreme amounts of machismo in situations which clearly do not call for it, often to the great frustration of those in the immediate vicinity.
Ben was duking out so bad I wanted to attack him.
#duke #duking out #duked #the duke #jerk
de Rutherford B. Fellows 20 avril 2009
A term for the placebo effect of switching a persons alocholic beverage with a non-alcoholic wihout their knowledge.
Joe thinks his cranberry has vodka, he's really experiencing the sprite effect.
#sprite #effect #trick #drunk #placebo
de Rutherford B. Fellows 20 avril 2009
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