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20 definitions by Rich Lawson

A term for male mastubation (UK)
He liked to beat his meat whilst watching Anna Kournikova play tennis
de Rich Lawson 22 mai 2005
219 85
An attractive person, be it male or female. Used by heterosexuals to describes memembers of the opposite sex and homosexuals to describe members of the same sex. Bi-sexuals get to use it for anyone!
That Hayley's a bit of alright.
de Rich Lawson 27 mai 2005
191 79
Stairs. From the cockney rhyming slang Apples and Pears = stairs
Get up the apples its well past your bed time you lady!
de Rich Lawson 22 mai 2005
255 160
Skins for creating a splif or roll up cigarette. Rhyming slang, Vera Lynn = skin
Got any veras mate, im gasping for a roll up.
de Rich Lawson 27 mai 2005
96 20
A derogatory term for Welsh people used mainly by the English
Iwan Jones is a right sheep shagger
de Rich Lawson 22 mai 2005
130 62
The name you must call your mums boyfriend when you are little.
Uncle Les is the best uncle I've ever had!
de Rich Lawson 27 mai 2005
152 121
Used as a form of endearment in the midlands of England esp. Birmingham and the Black Country. Similar phrases may be "my dear" or "duck". Used frequently by middle aged women to young men.
That'll be two pounds please babs
de Rich Lawson 22 mai 2005
58 39