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4 definitions by Ras Juan

1. A person with poor lyrical ability

2. A non originator or innovator of hip hop, utilizing the same old gangsta cliches.

3. The opposite of 'dope mc'
"This sucka mc wishes he could keep up with me"
de Ras Juan 4 octobre 2003
176 41
An electronic music genre indigenous to London. Characteristic of having deep bass lines and incredibly paced and sometimes incomprehensible ragga style emceeing.
The Streets, Oxide & Nuetrino, MC Dynamite
de Ras Juan 4 octobre 2003
186 100
The highest complement bestowed upon a person, by a 'wog' (not derogatory).
"man you're a fully sik cunt"
de Ras Juan 4 octobre 2003
45 3
In the context of reggae music 'slack' has to do with lyrics being lewd, vulgar or sexual.
"Dem rhymes was plenty slack"
de Ras Juan 4 octobre 2003
51 27