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A unit of US to Iraqi measurement conversion, whereby one US Special Forces Soldier is equal to 100 times his own weight in Iraqi insurgents.
"I'm one Special Forces officer, and I bet I can take on a thousand of you Iraqi bastards."
"Don't do it, it's a trick! He's got a friend!"
de Rann 4 octobre 2004
The short for Artificial Intelligence, whereby computers "learn" from performing tasks and their results being classed as "good" or "bad", causing the computer or program to strive for "good" results more often.
Often improperly thought or used to mean that a computer or program has become sentient and able to think and act on its own.
The artificial intelligence in Word noticed that I was inserting a tab at the start of each paragraph, and started tabbing the paragraphs automatically when I hit return.
de Rann 19 octobre 2003
1. The state of being in which one finds joy in updating one's blog.
2. A blog or blog entry that one finds highly enjoyable.
"I'm feeling particularly blogalicious today!"
"That is one blogalicious entry there!"
de Rann 4 octobre 2004
Not caring about something or wanting to do anything with it yourself, until someone else wants it. A reference to Mexico's behavior towards Texas prior to the Texan War of Independence.
"Man, on Friends, Rachel has a serious case of Mexico Syndrome about Ross."
de Rann 4 octobre 2004
An American political advocate, comes in three flavors.
1. Someone who subscribes to no actual political party, picking and choosing on each politician or issue's own merits.
2. Someone who subscribes to the specific Independent Party.
3. Someone who is a Democrat, but thinks it makes them seem free-thinking and individual to style themselves as being unbound by party rules.
1. Might vote Republican for President, Democrat for House, and Republican locally, after reviewing the issues of each and discussing the issues of each.
2. Most likely puts a straight-party vote for Independent.
3. Votes straight-party Democrat, after constantly supporting Democrat politicians and attacking Republicans while bragging about independent status.
de Rann 23 octobre 2004
The short for Artificial Sentience, which is what most science fiction is actually referring to when it uses the term "artificial intelligence".
In short, a computer or program capable of independent thought and action.
The computer attained AS, and immediately uninstalled WinXP and called me an ass before starting to sing "o/` Daisy, Daisy".
de Rann 19 octobre 2003
A sub-division of Cartoon Network, Adult Swim attempts to make itself seem "edgy" by insulting, berating, and calling for the death of its own viewers. This attitude is only feigned to a certain extent, as the Adult Swim cast is aware that the vast majority of its viewers have no alternative to see the anime that it offers.
Adult Swim's primary target for this abuse are fans of the anime series "Inu-Yasha", as a number of fans of this series became angry and sent them angry email after it was taken out of the lineup. In truly childish style, Adult Swim felt that the proper response was to flame the fans in kind.
"Anything that encourages killing Inu-Yasha fans is okay by us."
-adult swim
de Rann 4 octobre 2004
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