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58 definitions by Random

The coolest person alive who wrote a definition for aaron wood
de RanDom 19 juin 2003
1 19
To continually lie to everyone

to pull a ressa is to lie constantly to everyone
there he goes again pulling a ressa
de RanDom 19 juin 2003
4 24
a person who goes to raves and usually dresses a little odd. the ones i know/have seen are usually very colorful and happy and love cartoon characters.
look, she has a care bears backpack and a rainbow bright shirt.
de Random 6 avril 2004
32 59
as the first person said, pre-date hippies by about 20 years, were interested in poetry, art, literature.
On the Road, by Jack Keourack, if thats how its spelled.
de Random 6 avril 2004
59 107
Struck By Silence's new website is You can also listen to their music on purevolume or myspace.
Go see SBS in concert. They are hella tight.
de random 10 avril 2005
7 56
Short for STRUCK BY SILENCE. A sicky new band out of San Diego, Ca. You can visit their website at
Hey, did you go to that sicky SBS show last night at SOMA?
de random 23 janvier 2005
6 56
Gay people who don't eat meat because they dont like the taste or they dont want to eat the animal
"dude, ur a gay vegetarian"
"your worthless"
de random 15 février 2004
6 57