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The name of Sheldon Cooper's avatar/character on the online multiplayer game "Age Of Conan" set in the universe of Robert E. Howard's Conan the Barbarian.
Sheldon Cooper: Sheldor is back online.
Penny: (mockingly) Sheldor?
Sheldon Cooper: The Conqueror.
Penny: What are you doing?
Sheldon: AFK. I’m playing Age of Conan, an online multiplayer game set in the universe of Robert E. Howard’s Conan the Barbarian.

You: "Hey did ya watch Big Bang Theory last night?"
Me: "Yeah I did! Loved the bit where Sheldon named his Age of Conan character 'Sheldor The Conqueror' and Penny named hers as "Queen Penelope' - So hilarious!"
de PurpleOrchid85 24 août 2010
The fictional secret society on "Gilmore Girls" which apparently was loosely based on Yale's own secret society "Skull and Bones". On the show, The Life and Death Brigade’s motto was ‘In omnia paratus’, which means ‘ready for anything.’

Members of the Brigade were well known to have put a twist on ordinary games and come up with a big stunt to cap up a mad-cap outing.

For example, in one episode, the LDB were playing croquet in prom-wear, paint-balling jumpers trampoling and the outing was capped up with a huge scaffold that has been set up in the field, and a line of six people are standing on top holding umbrellas to jump down (members all wear a silver band with a hoist for safety)

Successful new LDB members who have proved their worth on their initiation into the Brigade receive a gorilla mask and a free bottle of champers.

Members of this fictional LDB include "Gilmore Girls" characters Logan Huntzberger, Colin McCrae and their friend Finn (last name unknown) among other rich Yale elite.
RORY: The article I’m doing on the Life and Death Brigade.

LOGAN: Don’t really know what you’re talking about.

RORY: You don’t? Huh. I thought you would. It’s a club. One of these super secret, super exclusive clubs here at Yale, membership spans a thousand centuries, secret handshakes and secret sayings, and a lot of running around in circles in your underwear, that kind of thing. I mean, I have proof that your grandfather was in it, which means that your father was in it. Which should mean that you’re in it. But maybe not. Okay.

LOGAN: Sorry to let you down.

RORY: No let down. It would have been nice, but I have plenty of stuff without you, and I’m sorry to have bothered you.

LOGAN: You have plenty without me, huh?

RORY: Oh yeah! I have the ball gowns, the girl in the gorilla mask, In Omnia Paratus – very fancy catch phrase, by the way – the license plate on the black SUV, and about a dozen other little things. I mean, getting an interview with an actual member would have been great. But I’m okay without it.
de PurpleOrchid85 18 novembre 2009
The other shipping name for the paradox shipping of Sheldon Cooper and Penny off "Big Bang Theory" it's a amalgamation of "SHeldon" and "pENNY"
You: What shipping do you like on Big Bang Theory?
Me: Shenny
You: Sheldon and Penny?
Me: Yes
de PurpleOrchid85 12 novembre 2010
The name of Penny’s avatar/character on the online multiplayer game "Age Of Conan" set in the universe of Robert E. Howard's Conan the Barbarian.
Penny: (To Leonard) Uh, Queen Penelope AFK. What?... get to the point, I’m about to level up here.
Penny: Okay boys, Queen Penelope’s back online.

Me: (furious) “Ooh my brother’s done it. Forget furious, I’m go all Queen Penelope on him!”
You: “Queen Penelope?”
Me: ....
You: “You’re watching too much Big Bang Theory!”
de PurpleOrchid85 24 août 2010
Noun: Special Agent in Charge, an special agent in command of an FBI field office and might lead a team.
Example One:
FBI AGENT 1: "Who's the SAC of the LA field office?"
FBI AGENT 2: "Oh, it's Special Agent Morris."

Example Two:
Girl 1: (seeing an episode of NCIS her friend is watching) "Give me a rundown of who's who on NCIS."
Girl 2: "Well, Mark Harmon is Jethro Gibbs, the Supervisory Special Agent in Charge of the Major Case Response Team, the super hottie Michael Wheatherly is Senior Field Agent Tony DiNozzo, Cote DePablo is Special Agent Ziva David who was a former Mossad liaison, Sean Murray is Special Agent Tim McGee, Pauley Perette is the awesome Goth forensic specialist and David McCallum is Donald "Ducky" Mallard, NCIS's Chief Medical Examiner along with Brian Diezen as Jimmy Palmer, Ducky's assistant. Got that?"
de PurpleOrchid85 22 août 2013
The shipping of Sheldon Cooper and Penny off "Big Bang Theory", even is the name of the fanfiction community on Livejournal
Me: What shipping do u support on Big Bang Theory?
You: I'm an Leonard/Penny Shipper
Me: I'm an Paradox shipper (grins)
You: What's that?
Me: The pairing of Sheldon and Penny... they're such a paradox, therefore the ship name.
de PurpleOrchid85 12 novembre 2010
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