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A small suburbia located in New Jersey.
Westfield, a town neighboring Scotch Plains, is said to be their rivals. Both clam one is better than the other.
Realistically, both towns are detatched from the real world: wasting much money on drugs, teenagers having their parents fund them(mainly in westfield where more drugs are bought, but less are sold for that reason), and getting angry at each other for no reason than an immature high school rivalry, in which some doltish parents participate. Consequently, both towns house close minded individuals to which the world could purge itself of.

*Note that both towns have fairly average incomes: Westfield does not have a large income compared to real towns said to be "rich towns". Scotch Plains itself houses people with the same income, but differntially houses more people with a lower income.
Ie.1. Scotch Plains Teenager: Westfield is full of rich fags who are stuck up, we have to work for our money. "Mom! Can I have some money to go out, please?"

Ie.2. Westfield Teenager: Scotch Plains kids are jealous of my Mommy and Daddy paying all my bills. Everything in life is handed to me, but Scotch Plains kids are poor fags. "Mom! Can I have some money to go out, please?"
de Nyevskij M 21 avril 2008
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