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nadsat for "shit"

also cally = "shitty"

from Clockwork Orange
the grhzny bratchny bitched me out and all that cal
de Nich Schwartz 17 mars 2004
nadsat for razor

normally one used for fighting

see Clockwork Orange
i was fighting with the cutthroat britva and the nozh and the oozy to chain the glazzies out
de Nich Schwartz 17 mars 2004
profane word used for any reason
1. you stupid fedbab

2. andy schantz fedbabs his dog

3. what in the name of Fedbab is goin' on here?
de Nich Schwartz 17 mars 2004
1. verb: to lie, bullshit, deceive, etc.
past tense: disid

2. noun: stupid bastard; shit
1. i disid my way through that test

2. you fucking disod i hope you choke to death on your own nuking cal
de Nich Schwartz 17 mars 2004
bumbling oaf who is normally happy but can lash out with a vicious "shut up"
hey senfen i voted for you
de Nich Schwartz 17 mars 2004
new form of rock music that is a mix between '80's thrash a la slayer, grunge (eg- the jesus lizard, mudhoney), and real punk like Dead Kennedys and Misfits
have you heard about that new lupus band that's playing tonight?
de Nich Schwartz 17 mars 2004
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